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About Us

Manuel Rapuano was born in Italy, precisely from Milan.

As a young man he discovers that he has artistic skills, he spends a lot of time drawing and  painting.

Fashion immediately becomes one of his passions, also working in this industry, in the heart of Milan.

As time goes on, he feels a call to spirituality and realizes that everything has a soul and he approaches the world of animals and nature.

He soon realizes that these two extraordinary worlds were moving away from people, creating very deep disharmonies.
The animals and the resources of the nature, have been completely mistreated, making us forget the importance.

This is why Manuel creates Justice by Rapuano, a brand that has the mission of restoring harmony, union and respect between humans, animals and our planet, in a single and unique faschion style.

Nature and animals are Manuel’s main source of inspiration, where he defines them as the best art in the world.

The style of Justice by Rapuano defines itself as Ethical and metropolitan italian style, it loves particular and high quality natural fabrics with a simple and meaningful design.
A multi-cultural blend of fashion, nightlife, spirituality, respect, joy and extreme beauty, in a clothing line, with the concept of cruelty free.

Cruelty free means that, all the materials used have not been tested on animals.

Each product has a meaning and power, represented by animals or symbols, which are released to the person when worn.

The name of the brand and its meaning is presented on its own, clear and decisive. The sword, used by the ancient Romans, helps to fight and the two cats form a protective shield.

The vision of Justice by Rapuano is to create a fashion and lifestyle, worldwide, with the aim of reaching all those people who want to improve themselves, respecting animals and the environment.

Wherever Justice goes, it leaves a massive mark and releases positive energy for those who wear this clothing line.

Manuel, invites you, to be part of the world of Justice!